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Point Packages

With our Points Packages, you have the freedom to make your ads stand out on These packages offer flexibility and allow you to buy and use points according to your needs. Allocate points strategically to highlight important products or offers, ensuring your message receives maximum attention. Enjoy amplified ad visibility, prioritize ads effectively, and benefit from a cost-effective approach.

Manage your points seamlessly and optimize your ad campaigns effortlessly. Experience the power of flexibility and impact with our Points Packages on!

Points packages

One Timer

Points: 40
Cost per point: 0.93 AED
37 AED
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Basic Package

Points: 150
Cost per point: 0.67 AED
100 AED
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Advanced Package

Points: 900
Cost per point: 0.56 AED
500 AED
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Reseller Package

Points: 2500
Cost per point: 0.40 AED
1,000 AED
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Gold Package

Points: 4500
Cost per point: 0.33 AED
1,500 AED
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Platinum Package

Points: 7500
Cost per point: 0.27 AED
2,000 AED
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