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No Tolerance to Spam

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Post any ad, except:

  • Profanity or X Rated material of any kind.
  • Personnel attacks, illegal activities or any form of harassment via Ads.
  • MLM, network marketing, distributor networks, get rich quick schemes, pyramid  schemes, begging and scam letters and anything that resembles them.
  • Adverts for the sale of mobile phones, play stations and  iPods, and other electrical goods in bulk.
    Large number of ads are deleted everyday as being inconsistent with the theme of the web site. Remember, it is a local web site for Dubai. You have genuine Ads post hundreds but we do not tolerate bulk electronics, mobile phones, pets and medicine ads from US, UK, Nigeria or anywhere else.
  • Online sale of live animals, cats, monkeys, snakes etc without having a legal business/license for the same.
  • Adverts for any pharmaceutical products, para-pharmaceuticals, diet pills or other such products.
  • Content which has nothing to do with the theme of the site or that is being posted for SEO reasons.
  • Administrator of this website has the right to change rate, increase/decrease the credit price or even remove credits from any member account.

Posting Ad on is a moderated activity where we have ZERO tolerance Spam/Abuse policy,

  • In such cases we delete all the user data with ads and ban for further usage. is not responsible for the contents of ads posted by users and will not take responsibility for anything what so ever relating to the content of ads on the website.