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Cloud Kitchen Available in Al Quoz 4

12 AED
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Ready to Cook up something great? Our kitchens in Al Quoz 4 have everything you need:

  1. Personalized Kitchen Units: We've got kitchen spaces sized from 300 to 500 sqft, starting at AED 12,000. They're designed to fit your needs perfectly!
  2. Utility Charges: You handle your DEWA expenses, but the Gas Bill will be based on how much you use.
  3. Different Cooking Zones: Each unit has Spaces for Washing, Prepping Veggies, and Handling Meat, Chicken, and Fish. Plus, they come with Chillers to keep Everything Fresh.
  4. Fully Equipped: You'll find a Washbasin, Sink, Table, Shelves, and your own Gas Meter in Each unit. We take care of Grease Traps, Pests, and Keeping things Clean.
  5. Convenient Spaces: We've set up Spots for Delivery Folks and provided Separate Areas for your Staff to Relax and Refresh.
  6. Storage Solutions: Need Storage? We've got Shelves Ready for you.
  7. Power and Safety: Electricity? Covered! We provide up to 200kw for your Entire Kitchen.
  8. Simple Terms: Just two Months' Rent and a Refundable Security Deposit make it easy to get Started.
  9. Expert Help: We're here to Guide you through it all with our Consultancy Services at a 5% yearly Agreement Fee.

📞 Call us at +971564160007 to see these kitchens for yourself!

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Al Quoz 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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