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Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized bitumen, also known as Blown Bitumen & Blown Asphalt, is a specially processed form of Bitumen derived from Crude Oil. Through controlled Oxidation, Bitumen undergoes a Transformation where Air is Blown through it at elevated Temperatures, Resulting in enhanced Physical properties suitable for various Industrial Applications. This process increases the Viscosity and Softening Point of Bitumen, making it more Durable and Resistant to Temperature variations.

One of the Primary uses of Oxidized Bitumen is in the Construction and Maintenance of Roads and Highways. It is incorporated into Asphalt Mixtures to improve their Resistance to Rutting, Cracking, and Deformation caused by Heavy Traffic and Fluctuating weather conditions. Oxidized Bitumen’s higher Viscosity ensures better Adhesion between aggregate particles, Enhancing the Durability and Lifespan of Road Surfaces.

In the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry, Oxidized Bitumen plays a crucial role as a Waterproofing Agent and Adhesive. It is used in the manufacture of Roofing Membranes, Shingles, and Coatings designed to protect Buildings from Moisture and Weather damage. The Modified properties of Oxidized Bitumen provide excellent Elasticity and Flexibility, enabling it to withstand expansion and contraction cycles without compromising its Waterproofing Capabilities.

Oxidized Bitumen is also employed in the production of Industrial Mastics and Sealants. Its High Softening point and Resistance to flow at elevated Temperatures make it suitable for Applications requiring Strong Adhesion and Sealing Properties. It is used in Joints, Cracks, and Gaps to prevent water ingress and enhance the Structural Integrity of Buildings, Bridges, and other Infrastructure.

Additionally, Oxidized Bitumen finds application in the manufacturing of Electrical Insulation Materials. Its High Dielectric strength and Thermal Stability make it suitable for impregnating and coating Electrical Cables and Wires, providing insulation against Electrical Current and Heat.

In the Automotive Industry, Oxidized Bitumen is utilized as a component in underbody Coatings and Soundproofing Materials. Its Ability to form a Durable, Protective Layer helps prevent Corrosion and Reduce Noise Transmission within vehicles, contributing to Passenger Comfort and Vehicle Longevity.

Overall, Oxidized Bitumen’s enhanced physical properties make it a Versatile and Reliable material in Construction, Waterproofing, Insulation, and Automotive Industries. Its Resilience, Durability, and Adaptability to various Environmental Conditions ensure its widespread use in enhancing the Performance and Longevity of diverse applications.

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